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Interlude: Vampi Czech-In, parts 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7

We’re back, baby. That is, we’ve never been too far away in the first place. Just temporarily busy doing other things and stuff. So, to catch up, here’s a couple of quick links for a start.

Vampi Czech-In, part 2

Jakoby nic

Vampi Czech-In, part 3

Pochod zlochů

Munster Czech-In, part 4

Magical Nights

Munster Czech-In, part 5

Get Down From The Tree!

Munster Czech-In, part 6

Everybody! (Thoughts Of A Foolish Boy)

And last but not least Vampi Czech-In, part 7, a.k.a.

Czech Up! Vol. 1: Chain Of Fools

Vampisoul VAMPI 167 (2LP) + VAMPI CD 167 (CD digipak)
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